Pueblo Drivers License and Permit Testing

Drivers License Testing

Before calling, please review the information on this page.

  1. Below is a 1-minute video that gives a brief overview of what is necessary to complete the drivers license testing process through American Driving Academy.
  2. At the end of this page is a list of other Frequently Asked Questionsabout the Colorado Drivers License Testing process. Please read them all before scheduling.

We can usually get you in the same week.

The cost of the test is $65 and $45 for a retest.

Permit Testing

We can usually get you in the same week.

The cost of the test is $30 and $20 for a retest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students can start classes at age 14 and ½ and earn their permit by age 15.

Our driving school course includes 30 hours of classwork about the rules of the road and best driving practices. 

Students will spend 6 hours actually driving the vehicle. 

Answers to our most frequently asked questions about our Drivers License Testing process

  1. American Driving Academy (ADA) gives the most third-party driver’s license tests in the state!
  2. ADA onlytests in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and Aurora.
  3. American Driving Academy tests bothour students, as well as those that were not our students.
  4. You areable to use our cars, while taking the test with us.
  5. If you have a DUI interlock restricted permit, you must bring a vehicle with an interlock device installed, front and back plates, proof of insurance and registration, no large cracks in the windshield, windows and doors that open and close from the inside, and all lights working.
  6. You musthave a Colorado instruction permit to take the test if you are over 18 years of age.  You may test on a valid out of state instruction permit or a Colorado instruction permit if you are under 18 years of age.
  7. The drive test takes about15-20 minutes, with another 15 to 20 minutes to complete the paperwork.
  8. The certificate showing you passed the test is good for up to 60 days.
  9. You may onlytake one driving test per day, regardless of where you took the test.
  10. If you are under 18years of age, you will be required to give your 50 hour log sheet to the DMV office when you get your license.
  11. If you are under 16 and ½years of age, you will be required to give your 6 hour certificate of completion from your driving instructor to the DMV office when you get your license.
  12. The DMV office will charge a feeto process your driver’s license.
  13. American Driving Academy can usuallyget you in for a test the same day, if not, the following day.
  14. Testing Days:ADA test Monday – Friday and sometimes on the
  15. Testing Fees:Please see above for current testing fees. 
  16. American Driving Academy is located conveniently in front of the DMV in Colorado Springs and next to the DMV in Aurora and in Pueblo at 1601 Bonforte Blvd.
  17. The test is scored exactlyas the DMV would score the test.
  18. On the test you are scored on 3 left turns3 right turns2 stops2 lane changes, and some other general driving skills.
  19. The biggest single reason someone might fail the test is for speeding (especially in school or work zones)or doing a dangerous action.
  20. Driver’s License Testing reminder:2 hands on the steering wheel, stop all the way at stop signs and red lights, and use your turn signals.
  21. You will notbe tested on parallel parking or freeway driving.
  22. American Driving Academy understands you have many options when it comes to whom you take your test with and we are committed to giving you most relaxed, professional experience!