Colorado Springs / Pueblo Traffic School

American Driving Academy is the number one choice for traffic school classes in the Pueblo and Colorado Springs areas.

We teach both level one classes and level two classes.  Our classes are approved by the municipal courts in both Pueblo and Colorado Springs.

If you have received a ticket outside these areas please check with the agency where you had received the ticket and make sure our class is approved for you.  The classes are taught in a relaxed friendly environment by professional, friendly instructors.

We use our traffic school classes in Pueblo and Colorado Springs not as a time to tell you that you should not have gotten a traffic ticket, but as an opportunity to further educate you about the rules of the road and the importance of driving safely.  Our past Pueblo and Colorado Springs traffic school students give us high remarks and have shared quite often how much they enjoyed the class even though they had been required to attend.

We look forward to serving you.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Yes, anybody is welcome to take our traffic school courses.
Sometimes a new employer will have you take the course if you are
driving for them.

Because the courses have different length and curriculum requirements you must take them in Pueblo if you have a Pueblo ticket.

The court that referred you to us will tell you which level you will need.

Yes, we charge a $10 rescheduling fee if you do not cancel your class with us by the day before class.

No, you must be in class for the whole time and participate to pass but you will not take a test.

Yes, you will have bathroom breaks and if your class is longer than 4 hours you will have a food break.