Claudia Diamond

Winter Park, CO, Parent

I found the materials to be comprehensive and thorough. The Behind the Wheel Training Guide was an excellent resource for the parent.

Laura Shanahan

Highland Ranch, CO, Parent

With school and sports this program was perfect for our son! We could establish our own pace and schedule!

Bob and Cheryl Collins

Colorado Springs, CO, Parents

Thank you so much!

Katy Collins

Colorado Springs, CO, Student

I really enjoyed my learning experience. The instructor was kind and patient. I learned so much about driving and even on other stuff too.

Sandy Entin

Arvada, CO, Parent

This is a great way to save money and get credit (insurance) for driving school. The student has to drive at least 50 hours and the might as well teach along the way!

Janet Johnson

Denver, CO, Parent

We found the study to be very thorough and clearly explained.

Cheryl Christiansen

New Castle, CO, Parent

Living in a rural area this was a preferred option for Driver’s Education. The summer Driver’s Ed. class offered by the high school (20 miles away) was impossible for working parents who travel 40 miles in the opposite direction!

Alice K

Centennial, CO, Parent

My daughter is a special needs student and did not want to learn to drive. Pam put her at ease, and taught her carefully. She enjoyed Pam’s sense of humor, and is now an eager, competent beginning driver after these lessons.

Aaron Knudsen

Lakewood, CO, Student

Excellent service, was able to give me a BOST test the same day!

Marsha West

Gilbert. AZ, Student

Michelle, I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your patience and friendliness during my driving classes. It was nice to feel so comfortable with you to carry on such a pleasant conversation. I wish to thank you again.