Phil H.

My name is Phil. I am a driving instructor for the American Driving Academy. I started working for the company in 2012 and I absolutely love what I do. In my prior life, I worked for the Social Security Administration retiring as a manager in 2011.

My passions include golf, reading, working out, riding my bike, spending time with family, and doing home improvement projects.

The thing I like most about being a driving instructor is watching my student’s grow. They are usually nervous, scared, and apprehensive during the first driving lesson but at the end of the 6 hours of behind the wheel training they become cautious, confident, and responsible drivers. I find that very gratifying.

The one thing I’d like student’s to know is that driving is to be taken very seriously. Wearing seatbelts at all times is not only the law but also saves lives. And, of course, talking/texting while driving is NEVER acceptable and EXTREMELY dangerous.

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