Driving School in Colorado Springs, CO

Start driving before your peers and get lower insurance rates!

When you attend American Driving Academy, Inc., you receive instruction from the most comprehensive driving school in Colorado Springs. You can start driving sooner, thanks to new laws that allow you to start driving programs the age of 14 and ½!

By age 15, you can have your permit, and parents can rest easy knowing you have the experience to drive safely.

Our driving school in Colorado Springs includes 30 hours of online drivers ed (with the option of classroom instruction) and 12 hours on the road with a driving instructor (six hours observation and six hours behind the wheel).

The written permit test and the driver’s license test are available at the end of our driving school program.

Instruction vehicles are dual-controlled and driving instructors have certification from the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students can start classes at age 14 and ½ and earn their permit by age 15.

Our driving school course includes 30 hours of classwork about the rules of the road and best driving practices. 

Students will spend six hours observing their instructor’s driving and then another six hours actually driving the vehicle.