Driving School in Aurora & Denver, CO

Safer on the road, more independence, lower insurance premiums

Look no further than American Driving Academy for a comprehensive approach to driving school in Denver & Aurora that gets teens driving safer, sooner. Students can get behind the wheel and feel confident and comfortable with all manner of driving environments, from traffic to inclement weather. Classes start for ages 14 and ½ and above, with permit testing available to those 15 and older who are enrolled in driving school.

By learning to drive sooner, students can be safer on the road for years to come.

Program Description: students complete 30 hours of instruction in the virtual classroom and 6 hours of hands on instruction in one of our dual controlled vehicles. During practical instruction they observe an instructor’s driving habits for six hours and then complete six hours of driving school practice behind the wheel. The Division of Motor Vehicles has certified and regulated all of our driving school instructors.

Benefits: With successful permit testing, driving school students in Pueblo can be on road by the day they turn 15 (with supervision from an approved adult). By learning to drive sooner, students can be safer on the road for years to come. Insurance companies recognize the benefit of instructional courses. They offer discounts on premiums for young drivers who have graduated from driving school. Those who participate in American Driving School don’t need to visit the DMV for their permit or license, as testing is done by certified driving instructors on-site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students can start classes at age 14 and ½ and earn their permit by age 15.

Our driving school course includes 30 hours of classwork about the rules of the road and best driving practices. 

Students will spend six hours observing their instructor’s driving and then another six hours actually driving the vehicle.