Cañon City Driving School

Get your permit early, learn to drive, and receive reduced insurance rates!

American Driving Academy, Inc. is the number one choice when looking forthe most comprehensive driving school in Canon City, Colorado. The new laws allow you to enter our driving programs at 14 and 1/2 years of age. You may also get your permit at 15 years of age if you are enrolled with American Driving Academy, Inc.

Program Description: 30 hours of classroom and 12 hours of driving instruction (six hours driving and six hours observation): written permit test included and the driver’s license test is available. We use dual-controlled cars and our instructors are approved and regulated by the Division of Motor Vehicles.

We also offer two different online drivers ed programs for Canon City:

In one online drivers ed program the student may complete the 30 hour classroom work as a home study course and complete 12 hours behind the wheel training in one of our dual-controlled cars with one of our friendly, patient instructors that are approved and regulated by the Colorado Motor Vehicle Business Group. Six of the 12 hours the student drives and 6 hours the student observes. The written permit test is included and the driver license test is available. Students may sign up for and start this program at 14 and 1/2 years of age.

Homestudy Course: Available for as low as $95.00 (Does not include 12 hours of driving instruction.)

With both programs students are also welcome, but not required, to attend any driving school class in Pueblo!

Benefits: Start as early as 14 and 1/2 years of age and get your permit at 15 years of age if you are enrolled with American Driving Academy Inc. The program qualifies students for hundreds of dollars in insurance reductions with most all insurance companies. All testing is done by our instructors and the student does not have to test at the DMV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students can start classes at age 14 and ½ and earn their permit by age 15.

Our driving school course includes 30 hours of classwork about the rules of the road and best driving practices. 

Students will spend six hours observing their instructor’s driving and then another six hours actually driving the vehicle.