David K

David Kyle

Hello, my name is David.  Driving in Colorado is fun and exciting. Weather is the ultimate obstacle course. Colorado offers snowy mountain drives, fog filled travels, and the occasional wind storm, hail storm, rain, thunder and lightning strikes. When lucky, we get all these beautiful natural elements in the same day.

I am happy to assist drivers with the goal of obtaining a Colorado driver’s license. Together, we will drive Colorado and learn driving basics and varies techniques. Seeing the road from the driver’s seat offers a whole new perspective. I look forward to the journey.

To each new student, I welcome you to American Driving Academy. I am interested in your desire to drive. My interest also are three pure breed Shar-Pei pups (1 female, 2 males), sports and fantasy leagues (current 3x Fantasy Football Champion), landscaping/gardening, running, bike riding, and boxing.

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