Earl F.

Hi, My Name is Earle, No not the T.V. Star just plain Earle. I spent 27 Years working in the steel industries designing steel structures such as large steel beams you will find under bridges holding up the weight. We also built strong steel rails that help our country ship items state to state.

After my retirement, I was so happy to be accepted into this field of a driving instructor with the American Driving Academy. I believe it is as important to produce a strong structural product as it is to teach our teen age students to drive in a safe manner. As a driving instructor your safety is of the utmost importance to me as it is with all of our instructors. As some of our Insurance Co. say as a slogan, “YOU’RE IN GOOD HANDS WITH AMERICAN DRIVING ACADEMY”.

In my time off, I enjoy traveling, rock hunting, gardening with my wife, and painting and enjoying our granddaughter.

You as a teenager, you are on the right track being involved with this Driving Academy. Please respect your parents, keep your grades up at all times, and start planning your future. Time will pass you up before you know it. Be SAFE Be SMART And ENJOY LIFE.